What Makes Me Anxious - 3

Continued Growth

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Definition: Anxiety is the feeling of worry or nervousness; unease feeling.

Discussion Points

  • Everyone feels anxiety.
  • What happens when a person feels anxious?
  • What are other emotions a person can experience while they are angry? (worried, sad, fear)
  • You can learn coping skills to control your anxiety.

Discuss with students what anxiety is. Review the discussion points.

Possible activity to review the discussion points: 60 Second Paper:

  • Share Discussion Points with students
  • Give the students 60 seconds to write down any thoughts, ideas, experiences or questions they may have regarding the topic
  • Have students share what they have written or collect the papers and discuss content anonymously

Activity 1: Knowing Your Signs

As a group develop a list of signs that an individual may be becoming anxious. Ex. You become restless, you cry, picking your skin

Materials Needed:
  • Chart paper or chalkboard
  • Student Activity Sheet A - 1 per student
  • Pencil for each student

Activity 2: What Are Your Causes of Anxiety?

Encourage students to think about what makes them fearful or worried. Allow time to complete student activity sheet B.

Have students share with the class or with a partner what causes them to feel the most anxious and what causes them to feel the least anxious.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Activity Sheet B - 1 per student
  • Pencil for each student

Activity 3: Coping Skills

Explain to students that coping skills are strategies we use to help us calm down. Develop a list of strategies students feel may help them to calm down when they are anxious. (Ex. counting to 10, taking a walk) Record answers on the board.

Materials Needed:
  • Chart paper or chalkboard

Script Writing and Animation

Script Prompt: Develop a script and create an animation that includes two characters in a setting related to the problem. The dialogue between the characters must include:

  • Identifying what made the character angry, words or body language expressing anxiety, a strategy to avoid the situation and/or getting anxious at the same situation in the future, an acceptable way to handle anxiety, use of appropriate ways to end the conversation.
  • Materials Needed:
    • White board/chalk Board or Chart Paper
    • Markers
    • Script sheet for each group
    • Pencil for each student

    Script Writing Practice: Teacher led discussion of script creation. As a whole/small group, write both an appropriate and inappropriate versions of the script. In small groups or individually, have the students independently create scripts identifying character strengths. Use the script sheet to create students scripts.

    Independent Script Recording: Pair students to complete 2 scripts together using the same script prompt detailed above. Direct each student should take turns to have the opportunity to be both character one and character two.

    Animation Creation: Have students record their scripts using the SiLAS software. Remember to name and save their work. Premiere the movies with the group members at the end of each session.

    Lesson Extension: Incorporate ELA standards by discussing both spoken and written grammar rules (dialogue punctuation, correct verb tense, sentence structure, parts of a story; character, setting, problem, solution). Consider using both the final animation and written script as an ELA grade/assignment.

    Lesson Review

    Allow students time to complete the student lesson review. Discuss answers when finished.

    Materials Needed:
    • Student Lesson Review Sheet - 1 per student
    • Pencil for each student


    Go to only student curriculum

    Student Activity Sheet A

    Directions: What indications do you have when you are becoming anxious?

    When I’m becoming anxious I:

    Student Activity Sheet B

    Directions: Think of five things that causes you to feel anxious.

    I feel anxious over:

    Student Lesson Review

    Directions: List and describe two coping strategies that help you when you are becoming anxious.