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Social Emotional Resources



SiLAS has something for everyone! Here is a sneak peek into all SiLAS has to offer!

Sincerely, Team SiLAS

Directors & Administrators

Using CASEL’s Five Social Competencies and the three principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), SiLAS has created a comprehensive curriculum and digital solution appropriate for students of all ages and ability levels. Our curriculum aligns with three tiered levels of instruction within the MTSS framework. SiLAS includes the following components:

  • Transition/Vocation Instruction
  • Diversity Focused Lessons
  • Progress Monitoring Tools
  • Teacher Resources

Teachers/Counselors/Social Workers

Below you will find two SEL(Social Emotional Learning) lessons; Coping Skills and Diversity. SiLAS’ tiered lesson design makes our curriculum accessible to all students. The three instructional levels include; Basic (Grade/Ability Level K-2), Foundational (Grade/Ability Level 3-5) and Continued Growth (Grade/Ability Level 6-8). Each lesson can also be differentiated and customized by you to meet the unique needs of your class.

Evidence Based Practices (EBP)

SiLAS understands the importance of incorporating EBPs into every lesson. Social Narratives are one of the effective ways that Silas aligns its solution with EBPs. Take a look at this EBP being brought to life in the following animations.