Completing A Resume - Vocational


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Definition:A resume is a brief written explanation of a person’s personal, educational, and professional qualifications.

Key Terms:

  1. Accurate - Correct information.
  2. Candidate - The applicant is the person who is applying for the job.
  3. Education Information - what grade you have completed and/or what school(s) you have attended.
  4. Extra Curricular - Activities other than academics such as sports, drama, music.
  5. Grammar - Correct use of punctuation, capital letters and word tense.
  6. Hobby - An activity done regularly in one’s free time for fun.
  7. Leadership - having the responsibility to provide directions to a group.
  8. Personal Information - Your personal information includes your name, address, phone number and any other important information about yourself
  9. Personal Statement - Two or three written sentences about yourself that tells the reader why you would be a good employee
  10. Proofread - Read your written work and correct errors
  11. Reference Letter - A letter that is written by someone who knows you who describes your character
  12. Resume - A brief written explanation of a person’s personal, educational, and professional qualifications
  13. Volunteer - A person who completes work or activities for no pay (free)

Discussion Points

A resume is a document used by a person to explain who they are and what they can do. The purpose of a resume is to assist the applicant in finding employment. The resume includes personal information; such as the applicant’s full name, home address, email address, and phone number. The resume should also include educational information. Applicants must include skills, leadership opportunities, interests, hobbies, and a personal statement. It is very important that all the information is spelled correctly. The use of proper grammar is also necessary. At least two references must be listed on the resume. The applicant must get permission from the individuals to list their personal information.

Activity 1: Components of a Resume

Review the major components of a resume with the class and have them complete Student Activity Sheet A.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Activity Sheet A
  • writing utensil

Activity 2: References

Discuss the process of asking someone to be a reference. Have the student complete Student Activity Sheet B.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Activity Sheet B
  • writing utensil

Reference Request -The applicant will:

  • Choose people outside of the family
  • Give the person at least one week to complete the letter of reference
  • Choose a person who is familiar with the applicant’s skills

Individuals an Applicant May Use for a Reference:

  • A teacher
  • A neighbor who the applicant has helped
  • A club/extra curricular supervisor
  • A coach

Steps for Contacting A Reference:

  • Find the person’s phone number
  • Provide an explanation for what the job includes
  • Ask the person’s permission to list them as a reference
  • Thank the person for taking the time to write a reference letter

Activity 3: Completing A Resume

Have students download and complete the Resume on Student Activity Sheet C.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Activity Sheet C
  • writing utensil

Script Writing and Animation

Script Prompt: Pair students and have them take turns creating a movie clip where one student chooses a career they are interested in, and the other student uses the questions below to try to guess the career their partner chose. (Then switch) Students should name and record their scripts using SiLAS software, and save the final movie.

Materials Needed:
  • Script sheet for each group
  • Pencil for each student

Lesson Review

Allow students to complete the student lesson review sheet. Discuss answers when finished.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Lesson Review Sheet - 1 per student
  • Pencil for each student


Go to only student curriculum

Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Complete the following activity by providing an example for each component.

Personal Information


Personal Statement


Educational Information

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Complete the questions below.

1. What information would a person need to know about you in order to be reference?

2.Think of the people in your life. Who could you ask to be a reference?

3. Why did you choose that person to be a reference?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Read the statement and check or circle true or false.

1. Did you list activities with which you participated in the community or your school?

2. Are all of the words spelled and punctuated correctly?

3. Is the phone number you listed a phone easily available to you?

4. Did you clearly define your chosen hobbies and the skills related to those hobbies?

5. Is your phone number accurately displayed?

6. Is your email accurately displayed?

7. Did you list references that were outside of your family?

8. Did you list at least two references?