Completing A Resume - Vocational Student


Table of Contents

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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Complete the following activity by providing an example for each component.

Personal Information


Personal Statement


Educational Information

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Complete the questions below.

1. What information would a person need to know about you in order to be reference?

2.Think of the people in your life. Who could you ask to be a reference?

3. Why did you choose that person to be a reference?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Read the statement and check or circle true or false.

1. Did you list activities with which you participated in the community or your school?

2. Are all of the words spelled and punctuated correctly?

3. Is the phone number you listed a phone easily available to you?

4. Did you clearly define your chosen hobbies and the skills related to those hobbies?

5. Is your phone number accurately displayed?

6. Is your email accurately displayed?

7. Did you list references that were outside of your family?

8. Did you list at least two references?