Transportation - Vocational Student


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Read the statement and check or circle true or false.

1. How much travel do you need?

2. Do you mind sharing a ride with someone you don’t know?

3. Do you have family, friends or neighbors that can provide you with rides on a continuous basis?

4. Will you ever need transportation on short notice?

5. Do you have a set schedule you will need transportation for? (work, school, recreational activities etc.)

6. Do you only want door to door transportation (No stops)?

7. Can you independently use a smartphone app to access a service such as Lyft or Uber?

8. Are you able to read road signs?

9. Are you able to read a bus or train schedule?

10. Can you safely walk or ride your bike long distances?

11. Do you live in an area with public transportation options such as trains, subways, buses?

12. Do you have any special travel requirements/accommodations? (wheelchair lift, air conditioning, etc.) Describe below:

Student Activity Sheet B

Use the Bus Schedule below to complete the questions.

School Bus Schedule-Bus Route # 44

Location AM PM
Central Blvd.@ Lena Ct. = Corner 6:49am 1:47pm
Wall St. @ Whalepond Rd. = 80 Acre Park 6:52am 1:53pm
Float Ave. @ Treasure Ave. = Corner 7:00 am 2:04pm
Sherman Pl. @ Olympic Terr.= Maria’s Pizza 7:05 am 2:09pm
Hidden Valley Rd. @ Parkview Rd.= Hyvee Grocery Store Lot 7:07 am 2:15pm
Lambert Dr. @ Johnson Rd.= Kepwell Springs 7:15 am 2:22pm
68th Street @ N.W. 70th St. = Corner 7:23 am 2:29pm
Dee Ct. @ California Ave. = Corner 7:30 am 2:36pm
Rhine Rd. @ Bill Folly Rd. = Maho Apartments 7:36 am 2:42pm
Pine Ave. @ Long Beach Blvd. = LBI Library 7:44 am 2:49 pm

1. What bus # will you take if you live on N.W. 70th Street?

2. Where would you get picked up if lived on Rhine Rd.?

3. How long will you be on the bus if you were the first stop in the morning?

4. What time will the bus pick you up in the morning if you live on Float Ave.?

5. What time would you get dropped off in the afternoon if you live on California Avenue?

6. Where would the bus pick you up if you lived on Wall Street?

7. If you wanted to visit the LBI Library after school, what time would you arrive there?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: To check your understanding of the lesson, answer the following questions.

1. What is the difference between public and private transportation?

2. Give two examples of personal transportation you can use to get someplace:

3. Name one travel safety tip:

4. Name one rideshare company you can use to transport you someplace: