What Makes Me Angry - Student 1


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Think of a time when you were angry. Draw a picture or write a sentence showing what happened to cause you to feel that way.

I was angry when...

Draw or write the signs your body gives you when you are getting angry.

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Choose the coping skills/actions that help you calm down when angry. Create and color three of your own coping cards.

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: After listening to an example script, draw a comic to match what was said.

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Complete the questions.

Directions: Draw a comic to match the script you listened to.

1. is the feeling people get when something unfair, painful, or bad happens; feeling of displeasure.

Excitement Anger Joy Worry

2. A warning sign my body gives me when I am getting angry is:

3. Two things that make me angry are:

4. When I am starting to feel angry I can: