Topic Elaboration - Students 2


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: With your partner decide who will be student A and who will be student B. Role play the situation.

Script 1

Student A:Hi, how are you? I went to the movies last night.
Student B:That sounds like fun. What movie did you see?

Script 2

Student B:Hi Chris would you like to come to the playground with me?
Student A:No.

Student Activity Sheet B

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Study the comic strips below. Next, circle the answers that show the characters elaborating on a topic.

Student Activity Sheet D

1. Who are the characters in this script?

2. What is Anya's favorite board game?

3. Does Darren like board games?

4. How do you think Anya felt when Darren walked away?

Student Activity Sheet E

Directions: In the scripts below circle two nouns in purple that name a person and one noun that names a place. In red circle two verbs.


A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

A verb names describe an action, state, or occurrence.

Example script of demonstrating appropriate topic elaboration:
Darren: Hi, Anya. Do you like to play board games? I love all board games.
Anya: Yes, I do. My favorite is chess. I play it all the time.
Darren: That’s great! What other board games do you like?
Anya: I like to play checkers. Darren: Me too!

Example script of demonstrating inappropriate topic elaboration:
Darren: Hey, do you like baseball?
Anya: Yes, what’s your favorite team?
Darren: (walks away)
Anya: That was rude.

Directions: How many syllables do you hear in the words below?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Complete the following questions.

Please give three examples of how you can elaborate on a topic.

Why do we need to elaborate on a topic?