Topic Elaboration - Students 1 - not up


Table of Contents


Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: With your partner decide who will be student A and who will be student B. Role play the situation.

Script 1

Student A:Hi, how are you? I went to the movies last night.
Student B:That sounds like fun. What movie did you see?

Script 2

Student B:Hi Chris would you like to come to the playground with me?
Student A:No.

Student Activity Sheet B

Write down the name of a topic. Next, identify four pieces of information directly related to the topic.

Topic ___________________________

  1. __________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Study the comic strips below. Next, circle the answers that show the characters elaborating on a topic.

Student Activity Sheet D

  • Who are the characters in this script?
  • What is Anya’s favorite board game?
  • Does Darren like board games?
  • How do you think Anya felt when Darren walked away?

Student Activity Sheet E

Directions: In the scripts below circle two nouns in purple that name a person and one noun that names a place. In red circle two verbs.

Remember: A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea. A verb names describe an action, state, or occurrence

Example script of demonstrating appropriate topic elaboration:
Darren: Hi, Anya. Do you like to play board games? I love all board games.
Anya: Yes, I do. My favorite is chess. I play it all the time.
Darren: That’s great! What other board games do you like?
Anya: I like to play checkers. Darren: Me too!

Example script of demonstrating inappropriate topic elaboration:
Darren: Hey, do you like baseball?
Anya: Yes, what’s your favorite team?
Darren: (walks away)
Anya: That was rude.

Directions: How many syllables do you hear in the words below?
Darren __
chess __
baseball __
rude __
checkers __

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Complete the following questions.

  1. Please give three examples of how you can elaborate on a topic.
  2. Why do we need to elaborate on a topic?