Apologizing - Students 1 - not up


Table of Contents


Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Write a letter of apology to a friend. You can create your own scenario or you can pick one from the list below.

  • You told your friend a lie
  • You broke another persons property
  • You called your friend inappropriate and mean words
  • You physically hurt someone in anger
  • You made a promise and then you broke your promise

Dear ______________________,

Sincerely, ______________________

Student Activity Sheet B

Study the comic strips below. Circle the answers that show the characters apologizing appropriately.

Student Activity Sheet C

  • Who are the characters in this script?
  • Who broke Beth’s bike?
  • How did Beth’s bike get broken?
  • How do you think Beth felt when Silas did not apologize for breaking her bike?

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: In the scripts below circle two nouns in purple that name a person and one noun that names a place. In red circle two verbs.

Example script demonstrating how to apologize appropriately:
Beth: What happened to my bike?
Silas: I broke it?
Beth: How did it happen?
Silas: I rode it, but I didn’t ask you then I had an accident. I am so sorry.
Beth: That’s alright. I accept your apology.

Example script demonstrating how to apologize inappropriately:
Silas: Hi, Beth. I broke your bike.
Beth: How, did that happen?
Silas: I don’t know, I don’t really care.
Beth: Wow, first of all you didn’t even ask me if you could ride my bike and you didn’t apologize
ter at chess than you.
Beth: I am so much better at chess than you.
Chris: No, I don’t want to play with you ever again!

Directions: How many syllables do you hear in the words below?
Beth __
Silas __
bike __
accident __
sorry __

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Complete the following questions.

  1. When should you apologize?
  2. Why should you apologize?
  3. How do you apologize?