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Sharing - Parent 1



Your student is participating in classroom activities helping them learn the meaning of sharing. We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home! The definition your child was given for sharing follows with a just a few ideas to help get the conversation started:

Definition: Sharing means to give some of what you have to another person and for him/her to do the same.

Review the following discussion topics with your child.

  • What have you learned in school regarding the meaning of sharing?
  • Why is it important to share? You may first want to give your child specific examples of when you yourself shared and how it made you feel. Keep in mind children learn by example, therefore you are their best teacher.
  • Have your child give specific examples of when they shared and how it felt. Also, ask them for examples of when someone didn’t share with them and how it felt.


Draw a picture or write about a time you shared with a family member or friend. Discuss the picture after it is drawn.