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Power of Yet - The Brain

mini lesson

Goal: Students will recognize when they need to believe in the “Power of Yet.”

1. Students will explain in their own words the meaning of the “Power of Yet.”
2. Students will list the similarities between perseverance and the “Power of Yet.”
3. Students will use words that indicate they believe a challenge is a way to learn something new.

Power of Yet - An idea that allows learners to understand that they may not be able to do something YET.
Perseverance - Continuing to do something even though it is difficult.
Obstacle - Something that gets in the way of being able to do something.

Lesson Procedures


  • Knowing that some things are worth working hard to learn or achieve. It is knowing that working toward a goal may not be easy but worth the effort.
  • Discuss the statement, “I can’t do it.”
    • What is wrong with that statement?
    • How can we change the statement to make it more positive?
  • Have a conversation about obstacles.
    • Think of obstacles in the road. What do we need to do when we run into obstacles?
    • What are some obstacles that get in our way when we are learning something new?
    • How can we overcome those obstacles?


Ready for a little fun? As a class, small group or individually, students will design and create paper airplanes that will fly the furthest. Offer students supplies such as tape, paper clips, etc. to enhance the airplanes’ ability to fly.

Materials Needed:
  • masking/painters tape
  • office supplies
  • paper
  • pencils/pens

Using tape, make a straight line for students to place their feet before flying the airplane. Have students launch airplanes from the line. Using tape, students mark the spot where their plane landed. Allow students to make changes to their airplane to improve the distance of the flight. Explain the first flight might have been short and/or disappointing, but understanding they may need practice and the willingness to make changes is an example of the Power of Yet!

*For the additional instruction and activities check out the complete SiLAS lesson, in the SEL Curriculum, under the Self-Management tabs.