Post Secondary Plan - Vocational Student


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Student Activity Sheet A

Answer the questions below.

Post Secondary Survey

1. Do you feel prepared for life after high school?

2. Are you aware of the different options you have for after high school?

3. Do you know what type of education and requirements you need for the career you are interested in?

4. Do you know where you can find resources to help you with your post secondary decisions?

Student Activity Sheet B

Complete the Word Scramble Below

1. You might choose this option if you want to go straight to a job after graduation…


2. You might choose this option if you do not want to go away and live at college for the first two years...

mnctoymiu olglece

3. If you want to learn a specific vocational trade but do not want to go to college, you might be interested in this option…

rdtea oclosh

4. If you like to travel, want to help serve your country, and are not interested in going to college or working right away you might do this…


5. If you are interested in going to a big school and pursuing an undergraduate and graduate degree, you might choose this option…


Student Activity Sheet C

Post Secondary Interview

Interview Questions

1. Who helped you the most to prepare for your future?

2. What was the hardest part of preparing for life after high school?

3. What path did you take after high school? (Type of career/schooling)

4. If you could do things over again, would you do anything differently? If so, what?

5. What advice would you give me about life after high school?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: To check your understanding of the lesson, answer the following questions.

1. What type of school do you need to attend to earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

2. What type of school can you earn an Associate’s Degree from?

3. You can earn a college degree entirely online. True or False

4. You can get additional vocational training after high school at this type of school

5. What can you do after high school if you are interested in serving your country?

6. If you want to start working right after high school graduation, what is somethin

Additional Resources for Parents and Students

Questions to Ask of the College Student Disability Office provided by: SPAN: Parent Advocacy Network

  1. How many students with disabilities are on campus? Are they full time, part time, residents, commuters? Are they the typical age of college students, or older?
  2. What are the goals/ objectives of this program?
  3. What services are provided? Is there a charge for this service? How do I get this service?
  4. What records/documentation of a disability are needed to get academic accommodations? How recent does the testing need to be?
  5. What specialized training in disabilities do you have?
  6. Is tutoring and/or counseling provided on one-to-one, or group? If in a group, how large is it? How often can I get this?
  7. How long do I get these services? A semester, a year, or as long as I am a student?
  8. Is the campus accessible? Are there any courses unavailable to students with disabilities?
  9. Are there courses required of students with learning disabilities? If so, do they carry college credit toward graduation?
  10. Can I carry less than a full course load in my first year?