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Personal Space - Parent 1



Your student is participating in classroom activities helping them learn how to maintain personal space in social settings. We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home!

Definition: The circle around your body that no one should enter or stand in without your permission is your personal space. This is also known as your body bubble. You should respect others’ personal space and others should do the same for you.

Review the following discussion topics with your child.

  • What does it mean to respect someone else’s personal space?
  • What does the term, social distancing mean?
  • What is the distance that we should maintain between ourselves and a communication partner?
  • Why is it important to stay outside of someone’s body bubble?
  • Share your own examples of how you respect others’ personal space by social distancing.


Talk to your child about the importance of social distancing and maintaining personal space. Role play some situations with your child.