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SiLAS was created by teachers who needed a better way to improve our students’ social and emotional learning. Our Socially Interactive Learning Avatar Software (SiLAS) can be used in class, virtually, or a hybrid of the settings. It is designed to meet the needs of students in general education, special education, and students of transition age.

The SiLAS Difference
  • Engaging Game-Based Avatar Simulation for Students
  • Pre-made lessons and activities for educators and students
  • Parent Activity sheets for every lesson that you can do at home
  • SiLAS’ curriculum is enhanced by Microsoft Learning Tools including Microsoft Teams and Immersive Reader, which means it is available to you and your families in over 70 languages.

What’s In It For Students?
  • Students create and star in their own movies - that can be stored and shared with parents
  • Increased social skills and coping skills
  • Game-based curriculum is that engages students, based on research and in FUN
  • Low-risk way for students to practice new social skills

How Can Parents Get Involved?

Our best success stories are when parents are involved in their students’ SEL. SiLAS knows this and makes it very easy for you to get involved. Here are a few ways:

  • Keep an open dialogue with child’s teacher
  • Participate in the SiLAS Student Screener where you can help us with a pre-assessment of your child’s SEL Capacity -
  • Complete your Parent Assignment sheets with your children which will allow you to learn more about SEL and monitor their progress
  • Watch the videos your child created at school and practice new scenarios at home