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Meeting New People - Parent 1



Your student is participating in classroom activities helping them learn how to meet new people. We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home! The definition your child was given for meeting new people follows with a just a few ideas to help get the conversation started:

Definition: Meeting someone new means that you are open to introducing yourself to and having a conversation with someone you do not know.

Review the following discussion topics with your child.

  • Is it difficult to meet new people? Yes or No and why?
  • Name different places/situations you can meet or have met new people? You may want to start this conversation by giving examples of places/situations you’ve met new people and how you handled this.
  • Name different ways you can safely greet new people?
  • Why is it important to make a good first impression?


Draw a picture or write about a time you met someone knew. Discuss the picture after it is drawn.