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Jumpstart: Respect - Universal

Jumpstart Universal SEL

CASEL Competency Focus: Responsible Decision Making
Time: 30-40 minutes
Materials: Chalk/White Board, Dry Markers/Chalk, “Respect Makes Sense” Worksheet

1. In Their Own Words, State the Definition of Respect
2. Identify Respectful Behaviors
3. Treat Others As You Would Like to Be Treated

Common Core Standards addressed:


  • Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.


  • Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and style of a text.


  • Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

Lesson Procedures

Introduction: Begin the lesson by initiating a conversation about respect. Ask students to share their definition of respect. As a class, small groups or pairs to further understand respect, see the Respect Makes Sense! below. Once the activity has been completed, come back together and define respect in students' own words. Have students answer the following questions. List responses on the board. What are some important/key words associated with respect? Examples include; kind, considerate, thoughtful, patient, generous, etc. Using those keywords, create a definition of respect and write it on the board. When have you shown someone respect? When did someone show you respect? Who deserves respect (EVERYONE!)?

Game Time: Jigsaw (Part 1)

  • Primary/Secondary: Count students off by 3s to create small groups (group all ones together, twos, etc.). Provide each group with a large piece of chart paper (or other material on which to write) and a writing utensil. Assign each group a sense (sounds, looks, feels). Instruct students to take five minutes to collaborate with group members to answer how respect is related to the sense they were assigned. During the collaboration, have students brainstorm and develop a list of words associated with respect and their assigned sense.

Application: Jigsaw (Part 2)

Primary/Secondary: After five minutes, come back together as a class. Assign students to groups using the number they were given at the beginning of the game. Groups should consist of a one, a two and a three. Give groups 10 minutes to share the brainstormed word list for their sense. Once everyone has shared, use the attached worksheet for each group to complete with the compiled information. Have groups share their graphics. Once the activity has been completed, come back together and define respect in their own words. Hang students’ works around the room.

*Primary students may choose to use pictures. Encourage secondary students to use words and complete sentences.

Try it out!

Primary and Secondary: Showing someone you appreciate them for who they are or how they have helped you is an important part of respect. Have students select a person that comes to mind when they think of respect. Instruct students to write a “Thank You” note (primary students may draw a picture) sharing how that person shows respect to others.