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Jumpstart: Integrity - Foundational


1. Define honesty.
2. Identify the right thing to do, even when no one is watching.
3. Take responsibility for his/her own actions in a given situation.

Discussion Points

  • Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always easy.
  • Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always fun.
  • Doing the right thing may not be popular with your friends or classmates.
  • Being honest, fair, and responsible is up to you.

Discuss these points or your own with students. Review the discussion points with the students. The teacher may want to share their own examples of when he/she acted with integrity in a hard situation.

Activity: What Is Integrity?

  • Ask students to create a list of words associated with integrity (give them 2-5 minutes to complete).
Materials Needed:
  • One piece of paper per student
  • Pencil for each student
  • Once time is up, ask each student to share a word or thought from their list.
  • Other students must cross that word or thought off their list.
  • Continue the process until all words or thoughts have been listed.