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Jumpstart: Active Listening - Continued Growth

Continued Growth

1. Follow directions given by an adult.
2. Display body language of an active listener.
3. Ask relevant questions related to the topic or situation.

Activity: Game Time!

Practice listening carefully to others by playing one or more of the following games.

Materials Needed:
  • None
  • Class story: Start with a single sentence. Students must actively listen as each member of the class adds another sentence to the story. The sentence added to the story must make sense.
  • Twenty questions: Tell the class you are an item that starts with a certain letter, an object in the room, a movie character, or anything creative you can think of. The class may ask 20 yes or no questions in order to try and figure out who or what you are. They must listen carefully to figure it out.

After the game is finished, discuss whether it was easy or hard to use active listening with the students. Ask for students to share any other thoughts or insights they have about active listening.