Job Search - Vocational


Table of Contents

Definition: Job searching is the act of looking for employment.

Key Terms:

  1. Occupation - A job or profession.
  2. Networking - Connecting with other people to build professional relationships.
  3. Job Lead - Information that can help a person get a new job.
  4. Job Market - Total number of jobs available at the current time.
  5. Mock Interview - Practice interview.
  6. Qualifications - Specific knowledge or experience required for a job.
  7. Employee - Someone that is hired by a person or company for a paid position.
  8. Employer - A person or company that provides people with jobs.
  9. Salaried employee - Working for a set amount of money (Ex: $25,000 per year)
  10. Hourly wage - Being paid a specific amount of money for each hour worked. (Ex: $12.00 per hour)
  11. Reference - Someone, other than a family member, that can vouch for you.
  12. Resume - A document created by a person to share their background and skills.
  13. Cover Letter - WA letter of introduction when applying for a job.
  14. Seasonal Employment - Temporary employment to help cover busy times of the year.

Discussion Points

  • Social media can have both a positive and negative impact on job searching.
  • Networking and following job leads are two great ways to locate jobs in addition to job search websites. (,
  • Always have a list of names and contact information for at least three people you can list as a personal reference. ( Ex: Teacher, past employer, guidance counselor, family friend, coach, etc. *You cannot use family, and should always ask the person permission to use them as a reference)
  • It is important to show employers you are flexible with your availability, willing to learn things, and work well with others.

Activity 1: Crossword Puzzle

Present students with key terms above in a creative fashion to help them understand the meaning of each. ( Act out, show pictures, give examples, make flash cards) Then have students work with a partner or small group to complete the crossword puzzle. (Activity Sheet A)

Materials Needed:

Activity 2: Choices

Have students work with a partner to complete scavenger hunt questions. Answers to questions can be found in the video clip number hints indicated after the question. You may choose to remove video clip number hints for higher level students. All video clips are 2-4 minutes in length.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Activity Sheet B, writing utensil
  • Computer for Each Pair of Students
  • Send Student Activity Sheet C to students via SiLAS, Google Classroom, e-mail, etc. so they have the ability to click on links for scavenger hunt
  • Scissors and Glue

Script Writing and Animation

Script Prompt: Pair students and have them take turns creating a movie clip about one of the following scenarios, or have them create one of their own pertaining to one of the topics covered in job searching . Students should name and record their scripts using SiLAS software, and save the final movie.

Materials Needed:
  • Script sheet for each group
  • Pencil for each student
  1. Networking- One student is the person looking for a job in the area of food service, and the other is an acquaintance from school that works at Taco Bell.
  2. Job Follow Up- One student is the person following up about a job they applied for online, and the other is the store manager.
  3. Conversation between a potential employee and employer about availability to work, and salary.

Lesson Review

Allow students to complete the student lesson review sheet. Discuss answers when finished.

Materials Needed:
  • Student Lesson Review Sheet - 1 per student
  • Pencil for each student


Go to only student curriculum

Student Activity A

Directions: Open the link to the crossword puzzle below, print it and complete as much as you can.

Crossword Puzzle

Student Activity B

Are you looking for a job? Wanting to switch the job you have? This scavenger hunt will help you explore some tips that will help along the way. Good luck!

  1. What is one way to keep motivated during the job search process if you are getting turned down by potential employers? (See Video #8)
  2. Name one positive and one negative use of social media when job searching: (See Video # 20)
  3. What is the number one mistake job seekers make? (See Video #1)
  4. One job search tip is “Don’t be better, be ________)?” (See Video #14)
  5. What is a mock interview and one benefit of them? (See Video #6)
  6. What are three ways you can follow up after applying for a job? (See Video # 21)
  7. What is the purpose of a cover letter? (See Video #11)
  8. What are four tips to help you stand out to an employer when applying for a job? (See Video #2)
  9. What is something you should avoid doing that may contribute to you not getting hired ? (See Video #13)
  10. What is one reason you might be getting overlooked by a potential employer? (See Video #5)

Student Activity C

Job Search Tips Video Clips

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: To check your understanding of the lesson, answer the following questions.

  1. Name two people you can use for a job reference?
  2. Where are two places you can go to find job postings?
  3. What is the difference between a salaried position and wage per hour position?
  4. What is the best way to separate yourself from other job applicants and stand out to potential employers?