Wait To Talk - Students 2


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Student Activity Sheet A

1. Make a list of situations when it is unacceptable to interrupt.

Example: Your parents are having a conversation

2. Make a list of situations when it is acceptable to interrupt.

Example: An emergency

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Study the comic strips below. Next, circle whether the circumstances are examples of someone interrupting appropriately or inappropriately.

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Think about the script read/played for the class and complete the questions below.

1. Who are the characters in this script?

2. What is Tori excited about?

3. What happened to Darren’s brother?

4. How do you think Tori feels when Darren keeps interrupting?

5. How do you feel when others interrupt you?

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: In the scripts below, circle in purple two nouns in purple and circle in red one verb. Underline the plurals.


A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

A verb names describe an action, a state, or an occurrence.

Example script on appropriate interruptions:
Darren: Hey, Tori. How are you today?
Tori: I’m fine. I am really excited about my first basketball game----
Darren: (interruption)I have to go home. My little brother just fell and needs to go to the hospital to get stitches.

Example script on inappropriate interruptions:
Tori: Hi, Darren. How are you?
Darren: I am fine. I just got a new video---
Tori: (interruption) Hey, I’m going to Disney with my family next month.
Darren: I was telling you about my new video----
Tori: (interruption) I love going on rides.
Darren: I did not finish what I was saying. You keep interrupting me!

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Complete the following questions.

1. What does it mean to interrupt someone?

2. Why is it rude to interrupt people?

3. When is it appropriate to interrupt others?

4. What are some appropriate (polite) ways to interrupt?