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Integrity - Parent 3

Continued Growth


Your child is participating in classroom activities focused on learning how to show integrity. We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home!

Definition: A person with integrity is honest, has good morals and is concerned for others. Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. It means acting honestly and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Student Goal: Given a social situation, the student will act with integrity (such as taking responsibility for his/her own actions).

Here are just a few ideas to help get the conversation started:

  • Based on the definition of integrity, name a person you believe shows integrity on a regular basis.
  • Showing integrity in every situation is difficult. Sometimes people choose to act in a way that does not demonstrate integrity.
  • Having integrity means you would make the same decision whether someone saw it or not.
  • Allow your child to share any situations when they acted with integrity or were pressured not to act with integrity.