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Immersive Reader Example



SiLAS' partnership with Microsoft allows us to use their Learning Tools that help give students of all abilities independence and opportunity. One of our most favorites is the Immersive Reader (IR). Connected throughtout every peice of text within our curriculum, the IR contains text features making material accessible to readers of all abilities. It also translates our lessons into over 70 languages, giving ESL students (and their parents) access to content in their native language.

See Immersive Reader in action and try in for yourself below!

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These directions are for computer and personal tablets only. For the examples below, scroll down so that the Immersive Reader icon on the right side of the page is in line with the "Sample Script: Coping Skills, demonstrating helpful coping skills." Then Click on the Immersive Reader button.

The IR will display with the type inside. There are 3 icons on the top right; Text Preferences, Grammer Options and Reading Preferences.

Listening Comprehension and Grammar Review

Scroll down below to the script and click on the IR icon. Click the middle Icon (Grammar Options). Slide the buttons for the parts of speech you want to highlight, i.e. nouns and verbs within the sentence. Next, click on the play button on the bottom to have the IR read to you. While you listen, you will notice the nouns and verbs are highlighted in their respective colors.

Listening in Your Native Language

Scroll down below to the script and click on the IR icon. In IR, click the icon the top right side (Reading Preferences). Slide the “whole document” button to the right, to the “on” position. Choose the appropriate language for your lesson. Press play to hear the lesson.

Text Preferences

Scroll down below to the script and click on the IR icon. Click the icon on the left, “Text Preferences,” if you want to change the font type, size, color or line spacing.

Example script demonstrating helpful coping skills:

Example script demonstrating helpful coping skills:
Chris: Hi Donny, how are you today?
Donny: I’m very worried about my dog. She is sick.
Chris: That’s so sad. Have you tried some helpful coping strategies?
Donny: I’ve been thinking about things that make me happy, like ice cream!