Identifying Anxiety - Students 3

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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Read the following scenarios. Write what indicates to you that the character is anxious.

1. Silas is worried he will not pass his math test. He begins to cry. How do you know he is anxious?

2. Tori is anxious that she will she will not be invited to the birthday party. She feels very alone and sits on the curb by herself during recess. How do you know she is anxious?

3. Germs make Donny anxious. When someone bumps into him in the hall he brushes and blows the germs off and begins to yell at the individual. How do you know he is anxious?

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Answer the question.

Share about a time you were around someone who was anxious. How did this make you feel?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Write about time when you were anxious. Describe the incident and how it made you feel. Lastly, describe the startegies you may or may not have used to cope.