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Identifying Anger - Parent 2



Review the following discussion topics with your child.

  • Discuss with your child what clues help them know someone is angry.
  • Review with your child the levels of anger
  • Allow your child to share how they feel when others are angry.


Discuss the following scenarios with your child. What level of anger is the character at? How does that make your child feel when they are around someone acting this way.

  • Bobby is upset because he wants the toy his brother has. He begins yelling at others and throws the toy.
  • Elizabeth is angry because she doesn’t want to brush her teeth at bedtime she begins stomping her feet all the way to the bathroom.
  • Joey is angry he must stop playing his video game to do his homework. He yells and screams and rips up his homework.
  • Tommy has been asked several times by mom to clean his room. Mom is tired of asking him and begins to yell and take away his toys.