"Hi" and "Bye" - Students 1


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Practice saying “Hi” or “Bye” while role playing the following situations with a partner.

1. The student is walking through the park.

2. A teacher walks towards the student.

3. The student and the teacher make eye contact and greet each other.

4. They finish their greeting.

5. What else could Silas have said to Dr. Sally?

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Study the comic strips below. Check or circle the answers that show the characters saying "hi" appropriately.

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Draw a comic to match the script you listened to.

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Complete the following questions.

1. When should you say “Hi”?


2. Do you say goodbye when you leave a party?

3. Do you say goodbye to your family when you leave your home?