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Handling Disagreements - Parent 3

Continued Growth


Your child is participating in classroom activities focused on learning how to respectfully disagree with someone. We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home!

Definitions: To disagree is to have differing feelings or opinions from others.

Student Goal: In social situations, the student will disagree politely with another.

Here are just a few ideas to help get the conversation started:

  • What does it mean to disagree?
  • Is it okay to disagree?
  • What are the consequences of disagreeing?
  • Refrain from putting others down or using hurtful words when disagreeing.
  • Listen to other points of view.
  • Avoid using abusive language when disagreeing.
  • Allow your child to share any situations when they disagreed with someone. Discuss if your child used respectful/polite language or not.