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Growth Mindset - Parent 2



Your child is participating in classroom activities focused on learning the difference between growth and fixed mindsets and how to use a growth mindset.

Definition: Growth mindset is the belief that your brain can grow through hard work and dedication. People with a growth mindset look at challenges as a way to learn something new, as an exciting thing or a chance to do better. It is the opposite of a fixed mindset, which is one that believes the skills you have will not improve and you cannot learn anything new.

We would love for you to keep the discussion going at home! Here are just a few ideas to help get the conversation started:

  • Do you have the same skills now that you did several years ago?
  • How did you gain new skills and knowledge?
  • What is a growth mindset?
  • What is a fixed mindset?
  • Why is a growth mindset important?
  • Is showing perseverance part of a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?
  • How can a growth mindset help you be successful in life?
  • Ask your child what words or phrases are used to show a growth mindset.


Draw a picture or write about something that is hard for you at home. Discuss with your child what words or phrases they can use when trying to get better at this skill or task at home that shows a growth mindset.