Giving A Compliment - Students 2


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Read the statements below and decide if they are compliments. If they are put a check mark in the box.

Student Activity Sheet B

Study the comic strips below. Circle the answers that show the characters giving a compliment.

Student Activity Sheet C

1. Who are the characters in this script?

2. Where does Chris invite Tori?

3. What compliment does Tori give to Chris?

4. How do you think Tori feels when Chris tells her she is not very smart?

5. How do you feel when people give you a compliment?

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: In the scripts below circle two nouns in purple that name a person and one noun that names a place. In red circle two verbs.


A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

A verb names describe an action, state, or occurrence.

Example script of demonstrating giving appropriate compliments:
Chris: Tori, would you like to go to the park?
Tori: Yes, Chris. Thank you for always remembering to ask me. You are very kind.
Chris: No problem. I love going to the park with you.
Tori: Let’s go!

Example script of demonstrating inappropriate compliments:
Chris: Tori, you are not very smart.
Tori: What! That is not nice! Why would you say that!.
Chris: I’m mad.
Tori: If you say something nice it might make you feel better.

Directions: How many syllables do you hear in the words below?

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Complete the following questions.

1. How does a compliment make people feel?

2. What are some reasons for giving someone a compliment?

3. What does a compliment do for a conversation?

4. Why is it important to compliment other people?