Gaining Attention - Students 1


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Below are some of the reasons you would gain a person’s attention. Discuss with group or class each situation.

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Check or circle the best choice for the situation presented below.

1. Should you shout and say, “Hey you! Listen to me!” to get someone’s attention?

2. Should you gently tap on someone’s shoulder to get their attention?

3. Should you scream and break things to get the attention of others?

4. Should you say, “Excuse me?” to get someone’s attention?

5. Should you yell and hit to gain someone’s attention?

6. Should you throw things to get someone’s attention?

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Look at the comic strip below. Circle or check the comic that shows the characters gaining the attention of others appropriately.

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: Draw a comic to match the script you listened to.

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: Complete the following questions.

1. List four ways you can appropriately gain the attention of other people.

2. Is it okay to tap a person on the shoulder if you need to get a person’s attention?

3. Should you shout in someone’s face when you need to get a person’s attention?

4. Is it important to “wait” sometimes when you need to get a person’s attention?