Empathy - Student 2


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Student Activity Sheet A

Read each scenario. How would you respond to the situation to show empathy? Complete the missing dialogue from each script.

Scenario 1:
Donny: Hey Tori, wanna come play soccer with us?
Tori: Sorry, I wish I could but I really hurt my leg the other day. I can’t play soccer but I would love to play another game.

Scenario 2:
PJ: Hey Silas, what’s wrong?
Silas: My dog Ellie is lost, we can’t find her anywhere.

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Answer the question below.

Think of a time you felt scared or lonely or sad.

1. How could someone have helped you feel better?

2. How can you recognize someone is scared or lonely or feeling sad?

3. Is there anything you can do for someone to show them empathy without saying words? How would you show empathy with actions?

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Answer the question below.

1. How can you tell when someone may be feeling lonely?

2. Next time I see someone who is lonely I will…

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: Think about the script read/played for the class and complete the questions below.

1. Who are the main characters in the scripts?

2. Where is the setting of the scripts?

3. Does Silas show empathy to Chris in Script #1? Describe how you know this.

4. Does showing empathy help you be a good friend? Why or why not?

Student Activity Sheet E

Directions: In the scripts below, circle in purple two nouns that name a person and one noun that names a place. Circle in red two verbs. Underline the contractions.


A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

A verb names describe an action, a state, or an occurrence.

A contraction is a shortened form of a word or words.

Example script of demonstrating empathy inappropriately:
Silas: Hey Chris, we’re all going to jump into the waves. Are you coming?
Chris: (Scared Look) Ummm…
Silas:Chris!!!...ugh forget it! I wonder what his problem is.
Chris: I don’t know how to swim.
Silas:Really, that’s weird. Everyone knows how to swim in our grade, you should’ve learned by now. Stay on the beach then. See you later!

Example script demonstrating empathy appropriately:
Silas: Hey Chris, we’re all going to jump into the waves. Are you coming?
Chris:(Scared Look) Ummm…
Silas: (Says to himself) “Hm, I wonder if he knows how to swim or is afraid of big waves."
Silas: Hey Chris, are you ok, is there something wrong?
Chris: I never learned how to swim, my mother was afraid of water. And I’m afraid of the waves.
Silas: Well it’s ok, I’m afraid of the climbing wall and I know you’re really good at that.
Chris: Yeah, I am. I didn’t know you were afraid of the climbing wall.
Silas: You know what, I don’t have to swim now. Why don’t we go play on the playground.
Chris: Sounds good. Thank you!

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Answer each question below.

1. Write your definition of empathy.

2. How does it make you feel when someone does not show you empathy?

3. List three situations in which you may need to show empathy toward a classmate or friend.

4. List up to three phrases you would use in a situation to show your friend, a classmate or a sibling empathy.