Cooperation - Student 3

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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Think about situations when cooperating is important. List as many situations as you can below.

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: How could cooperation be shown in these situations?

Scenario 1: Silas and Chris are collaborating on a school project. The assignment requires the students to choose three different sources of written materials to gather information to complete the project. Silas has a club meeting after school and doesn’t have time until the evening to search for material.

Scenario 2: Chris and Officer Dave each have supplies in the back of their trucks. The supplies need to be moved into the garage before it rains.

Scenario 3: Tori and PJ are learning how to play a new video game.

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Write about a situation when cooperation was difficult for you and the other person/people involved.

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Answer the question below.

What life skills do you need to demonstrate cooperation?