Cheating - Assessment 2



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Directions: Below are several scenarios that may or may not describe cheating. Select the best answer for each.

1. Lexi took a copy of the math test from the teacher’s desk. She copies all the answers. Is Lexi cheating?

2. Anya offers Donny a chance to see the words that will be in the spelling bee. Donny doesn’t look. Is Donny cheating?

3. Dr. Sally drops the answers to tomorrow's quiz in the hallway. Silas bends down to pick it up for her. He sees the first two answers. Is Silas cheating?

4. Officer Dave and Beth are playing a game. When Officer Dave looks away Beth moves ahead three spaces. Is Beth cheating?

5. PJ and Tori are playing Uno. PJ plays a “Draw 4.” Is PJ cheating?