Benefits of Leisure Activities - Vocational Student


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Student Activity Sheets A

Directions: Use the link below to open the Student Activity Sheet A.

Student Activity Sheet A

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Read the different benefits leisure activities may have on you, then name any leisure activity you can think of that could give you that benefit. Try not to use the same activity twice.

Increases my creativity

Helps me deal with stress

Keeps me healthy

Makes me feel happy

Shows responsibility

Gives me a sense of belonging

Makes me feel important

Uses thinking skills

Learn something new

Keeps me active

Socialize with friends

Gives me a sense of belonging

Practice problem solving

Uses teamwork

Makes me feel calm

Increases my self-esteem

Gives me enjoyment

Student Lesson Review Sheet

Directions: To check your understanding of the lesson, answer the following questions.

1. Name three benefits of participating in a leisure activity:

2. What are some hobbies you have?

3. Name three leisure activities you participate in:

4. How do you think your life would be different if you did not have the opportunity to participate in leisure activities?