Apologizing - Students 2


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Write a letter of apology to a friend. You can create your own scenario or you can pick one from the list below.

  • You told your friend a lie.
  • You broke another person's property.
  • You called your friend inappropriate and mean words.
  • You physically hurt someone when you were angry.
  • You made a promise and then you broke your promise.

Student Activity Sheet B

Study the comic strips below. Circle the answers that show the characters apologizing sincerely.

Student Activity Sheet C

Directions: Think about the script read/played for the class and complete the questions below.

1. Who are the characters in this script?

2. Who broke Beth's bike?

3. How did Beth's bike get broken?

4. How do you think Beth felt when Silas did not apologize for breaking her bike?

Student Activity Sheet D

Directions: In the scripts below, circle in purple two nouns that name a person and one noun that names a place. Circle in red two verbs. Underline the contractions.


A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

A verb names describe an action, a state, or an occurrence.

A contraction is a shortened form of a word or words.

Example script demonstrating how to apologize appropriately:
Beth: What happened to my bike?
Silas: I broke it.
Beth: How did it happen?
Silas: I rode it, but I didn’t ask you first. Then I had an accident. I am so sorry.
Beth: That’s alright. I accept your apology.

Example script demonstrating how to apologize inappropriately:
Silas: Hi, Beth. I broke your bike.
Beth: How, did that happen?
Silas: I don’t know. It’s not my problem.
Beth: Wow! First of all you didn’t even ask me if you could ride my bike. Then, you didn’t even try to apologize.

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Complete the following questions.

1. When should you apologize?

2. Why should you apologize?

3. How do you apologize?

4. What else should you say after apologizing?