Active Listening - Students 1


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Student Activity Sheet A

Directions: Directions: Check or Circle Yes if the statement is showing active listening. Check or Circle No if the statement is not showing active listening.

1. Jen turned her back on Tony when he was telling about his family’s dinner at a restaurant last night.

2. Anna looked right at Sally’s face when Sally was telling about her new book.

3. Chris asked Ben more about Ben’s new bike after he had told Chris all about it at lunch.

4. When Donny was listening to PJ tell about a movie he saw last night, Donny was hopping on his toes and looking at the wall.

Student Activity Sheet B

Directions: Draw a comic to match the script you listened to.

Student Topic Checkout

Directions: Select the best answer.

1. You demonstrate active listening with your whole body.

2. Your eyes are listening to the speaker.

3. Active listening shows you care.

4. Your body is still when you demonstrate active listening.

5. Your ears are looking at the speaker when you demonstrate active listening.